YMS - Part of The Parkview Group, a conglomerate of private companies owned by the Hwang family.

Parkview’s roots lie in the Chyau Fwu Group, a pioneering construction and development business founded in Taiwan by Mr. C.S. Hwang in the 1950s. In the 1980s, the family expanded their base and investments to Hong Kong. At this time, they acquired at Government auction a major new residential site for development. The Hong Kong Parkview project was an ambitious achievement with a total investment of HK$4 billion.

In his lifetime, Mr. C.S. Hwang instilled a strong vision, and a set of values that remains at the heart of all our businesses. His tireless, uncompromising spirit and strict adherence to the highest building standards, craftsmanship, materials and design research lives on. The driving force behind everything we do is our core philosophy of creating and delivering landmark destinations."



YMS’s vision is to pioneer developments that serve as home for generations, by respecting and celebrating people’s stories, the local environment and culture, we help shape a unique and intriguing lifestyle. Developing true experiential destinations for every need and occasion.

YMS is different. Here's why.

YMS, being a kin of Parkview, inherits the legacy, knowledge and asset of Parkview, while also manifesting a unique flexibility and nimbleness to drive projects boutiquestyle. Incorporating creativity, innovation and sustainability into its holistic developments, stretching possibilities and imaginations each step of the way.